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Homburg Academy Summer Program is now accredited

The Summer Program of Homburg Academy to be held in Charlottetown this June has been accredited by six Canadian national and provincial professional associations related to real estate.

The professional associations awarding professional development credits are: the Appraisal Institute of Canada; the Architects Association of Prince Edward Island; the Building Owners and Managers Institute Canada; the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals; the Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers; and the Nova Scotia Real Estate Association.

There will be three intensive courses of 3-4 days each, taught in a condensed executive-style with lectures, workshops, and simulations:

  • June 11-15: Dr. Tom Geurts from George Washington University, will teach real estate finance;
  • June 18-21: Roger Staiger from Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities will teach asset repositioning;
  • June 27-30: Dr. Juan Diaz with Dr. Tillman Prinz, Secretary-General of the German Federation of Architects.

Attendees include delegations from Homburg Academy partner universities, including numerous students from New Delhi, India.

Registration on all of these courses is open to the public. Further information is available at

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