KM3 – Quartier des Spectacles

Until October 15, the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership invites Montrealers and visitors to discover a new, participatory public art walk called KM3(pronounced kilomètre cube), part of the celebration of Montreal’s 375th anniversary. The general public, families and art aficionados will all enjoy the novel sensory and artistic experience of strolling through the Quartier des Spectacles to see and interact with the works.

KM3 comprises 22 immersive, participatory or contemplative works, most of which were designed specifically for Montreal. Eighteen were created by artists from Quebec, and four by foreign artists. The works will occupy building façades, squares, parks, sidewalks and windows throughout the Quartier des Spectacles, helping people see the city in a new light – surprising, dreamlike, reinvented.

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