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True North Log Homes develops StainLock Infusion System


True North Log Homes has introduced its StainLock Infusion System. Combining the rustication process and True North’s proprietary machine- coated stain process, the stain is infused in the surface of the log to increase stain longevity, which significantly reduces time, labor, and money, ultimately allowing their customers the advantage of maintenance-free log homes.

“Our StainLock Infusion System is a first in the industry,” says Robert A. Wrightman CEO of True North Log Homes. “Historically, staining is done on-site, which means the work is weather dependent with quality compromised, and often onsite stain application requires considerable scaffolding and site-prep work. Our system eliminates all of this, as the log stain is done in a climate controlled environment, in True North’s factory. Our customers not only save time and money up front (as they’re able to move in to their home four to six weeks earlier than standard stained logs), but also throughout the years, since the longevity of the stain on their home means significantly less maintenance.”

Aesthetically, True North Log Home’s exclusive rustication and sanding processes enhance the grain. Rustication gives the logs a rustic feel, and also readies the log, increasing stain penetration, which prolongs the life of the stain coatings. A sanded smooth log is also an option, which results in increased clear coat adhesion and provides a smoother log surface, which is particularly beneficial for log interiors.

True North Log Homes was a finalist for the NAHB’s Global Innovation Award.. “We endeavor to provide the best homes for our clients – the most efficient, energy-wise, cost-wise, time-wise,” says Wrightman. “We wish our clients an abundance of joy and relaxation in their homes – and a scarcity of maintenance.”

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