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CAWIC calls on construction industry to promote women’s advancement

The Canadian Association of Women in Construction (CAWIC) launched its Women’s Advancement Project in Calgary today. CAWIC continues to call on the industry to join forces with CAWIC to address the shortage of skilled trades in Canada by promoting the advancement of women into leadership roles within the construction industry.

Earlier this year, using a financial grant from the Government of Canada for $249,900 through Status of Women Canada, CAWIC is undertaking a three-year project to conduct research and develop, with industry employers and female participants, a targeted and detailed action plan to increase women’s entry, retention and advancement into leadership roles within the construction industry.

CAWIC is actively seeking employer partners to share its vision to break down existing barriers for women in the industry and to develop an action plan that makes economic sense for both the employer and the employee. Industry employers with operations in Alberta, Ontario or Newfoundland/Labrador have the opportunity to get directly involved in this Project.

“It is time to stop talking about the challenges in our industry in a fractured way. We need action. Stakeholders must work together to make meaningful changes happen now,” said CAWIC Director, Tammy Evans. “We are proud to work with the Government of Canada to actively and collaboratively address the challenges for women in our industry.”

“Advancing women in the skilled and professional trades is something that our Government is proud to support. We are committed to ensuring that women are able to excel in all sectors of the economy – from the shop floor to the corporate boardroom to the jobsite. That’s why I’m pleased with our continued support of the Canadian Association of Women in Construction. CAWIC and our Government know that when Canadian women succeed, the whole country prospers,” said The Honorable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women.

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