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Canadian Wood Council supports Ontario’s decision on mid-rise

The Canadian Wood Council (CWC) and Wood WORKS! Ontario are pleased with the Government of Ontario’s announcement yesterday that it will move ahead with proposed changes to the Ontario Building Code to allow the use of wood-frame construction in buildings of up to six-storeys.

“We welcome Ontario’s announcement that it will undertake a Regulatory Review of the implications of adopting wood-frame construction in five- and six-storey applications,” said Michael Giroux, president and CEO of CWC. “We look forward to supporting this review process with the knowledge and expertise gained from years of designing and constructing these types of buildings in British Columbia and elsewhere in North America. Our goal is to ensure that wood products and building systems are fairly represented in the Ontario Building Code and ensure a level playing field for all structural products.” The changes to the Ontario Building Code would be similar to changes made to the British Columbia Building Code in 2009.

“We are very happy with the code changes announced today. They are the result of a lengthy, carefully considered process that has involved a great deal of consultation and input from all stakeholders,” said Marianne Berube, Executive Director of the Ontario Wood WORKS! project. “These changes offer new opportunities to meeting urban densification plans and create more affordable housing. We look forward to the innovative niche market for mid-rise buildings that will be created by these changes.”

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