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Canadian cement and concrete industry launches new web portal

The Canadian cement and concrete industry today launched, a new web portal was created to provide comprehensive information on the sustainability of concrete. The portal is designed as a platform to engage the public as well as legislators, policy decision-makers, environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs), architects, and engineers in a discussion on concrete’s sustainability, as well as “to share information on the significant investments the industry has made and continues to make to become more efficient, cleaner and increasingly focused on product-based solutions to sustainability challenges,” according to a press release.

“While concrete is literally the foundation of our communities, the extent of its contribution to sustainable development is widely underestimated,” said Michael McSweeney, president and CEO of the Cement Association of Canada. “It’s our mission to ensure Canadians have at their fingertips the information they need to appreciate both our vision for a more sustainable future  as well as concrete’s immense contribution toward addressing society’s sustainability challenges, and this is what the portal is all about.”

The portal is the collective endeavor of the Canadian Concrete Joint Sustainability Initiative members (CCJSI), and includes content such as the sustainability attributes and benefits of concrete; industry strategies and key initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint; overview of the cement and concrete manufacturing process; academic research on Life Cycle Assessment as well as on the use of alternative and renewable energy sources; links to speeches, industry news, upcoming industry events and several videos; and links to industry associations websites.

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