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Two upcoming conferences include learning credits

Building Envelope Solutions

This conference will focus on the building envelope system and provide an overview of important challenges. From the design stage through to building occupancy – how are the elements of the building envelope serving to maintain an ideal indoor environment, reduce energy consumption, and increase the lifecycle of the building?


April 16 in Toronto    7.5 Self-Directed LU’s from OAA

April 30 in Vancouver    6 Core LU’s AIBC


Construction Law Primer

Current economic turbulence has created more uncertainty, and therefore risk, than ever before. Even the smallest delay or dispute can bring work to a grinding halt, affect the viability of the project, and put everyone working on the project in jeopardy. The key to success in this market is an understanding of where your risks lie and how to mitigate these risks, then the effective management of situations that will arise.


A panel of nationally-recognized experts will share their knowledge and provide the tools to master the legal complexities of any project to avoid pitfalls, accomplish objectives, and improve profitability.


April 15 Toronto    7.5 Core LU’s OAA

April 29 Vancouver    5 Core Lu’s AIBC

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