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Two new conservation programs offered by the Ontario Power Authority

The City of Toronto and Enbridge Gas Distribution (Enbridge) have launched two new conservation programs offered by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). The programs will provide design assistance and financial incentives to encourage building owners and architects to include sustainable and energy-efficient features in new construction and major renovation projects across Ontario.

The Enbridge-delivered High Performance New Construction (HPNC) program and the City of Toronto’s enhanced Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) program are part of a major conservation initiative offered by the OPA. Each will contribute to the OPA’s overall mandate to promote electricity Conservation and Demand Management throughout Ontario and soundly manage the province’s current and near-term electricity supply.

The programs will provide assistance to include energy-efficiency measures in the design, construction and operation of new and substantially renovated buildings. These measures are designed to save energy through improved efficiency and peak demand management.

The OPA has retained the services of the City to implement the program within the 416 area code and Enbridge will offer its program throughout the rest of the province.

“Ontario has set a very aggressive conservation target 6,300 megawatts by 2025,” said Peter Love, Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer, Ontario Power Authority. “Partnering with the City of Toronto and Enbridge Gas Distribution for delivering these programs should go a long way to meeting that target.”

City of Toronto Program
The City of Toronto’s Energy Efficiency Office develops and implements programs that promote energy efficiency and offers two specific programs for Toronto buildings. The Better Buildings Partnership – Existing Buildings (BBP-EB) Program for retrofits to existing buildings and the Better Buildings Partnership New Construction (BBP-NC) Program for new buildings being built to be more energy efficient.

The BBP-EB promotes and implements energy efficiency and building-renewal retrofits in industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential buildings. The goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help reduce the threat of climate change by renewing the city’s building stock.

The Better Buildings Partnership New Construction Program (BBP-NC) goal is to have new buildings designed and built to be more energy efficient. Eligible buildings are commercial industrial and multi-unit residential buildings being constructed. The BBP-NC has two parts, the design assistance and constructed savings.

With enhanced incentives for electricity conservation the Better Buildings Partnership will now contribute to the City’s goal is to achieve 90 Megawatts of electricity conservation as part of the directive from the Minister of Energy to the OPA to achieve 300 MW of savings in Toronto by the end of the decade. The BBP will provide incentives up to $400 per kilowatt saved to 2012 depending on project eligibility. Achieving our program savings target of 90 MW could realize incentive payouts up to $36 Million.

For more information on this program visit

Enbridge-delivered HPNC program
In addition to helping to reduce future building energy costs, the HPNC program is expected to save 50 MW of peak electricity demand in Ontario by 2012.

Projects eligible for the program include offices, retail space, multi-unit residential buildings, affordable housing, colleges, universities, schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, hotels and other commercial and industrial buildings. Single family dwellings are not eligible. Projects must be completed and delivering energy savings by the end of 2012.

The program also offers financial incentives for qualifying buildings which exceed the Model National Energy Code for Buildings. Up to $400 per kilowatt saved will be available to building owners and up to $100 per kilowatt saved to architects for eligible new projects. The program could deliver almost $18 million in incentives to Ontario building owners and architects.

Details about project eligibility are available by visiting or by calling 1-888-672-4762 (1-888-OPA-HPNC).

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