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Toronto to host the Future of Urban Waterfronts Summit November 12 & 13

Bringing together worldwide leaders in urban development from San Francisco to the Netherlands, Toronto hosts the Future of Urban Waterfronts Summit. The event will be held November 12 and 13, 2008, at The Suites at 1 King West in Toronto.

“Waterfronts give cities a wonderful natural resource and a unique experience,” said Toronto’s Mayor, David Miller. “Waterfronts also attract human enterprise and this international forum provides a great opportunity to learn and share ideas that will help all our cities succeed.”

The Future of Urban Waterfronts Summit offers timely solutions through industry-leading presentations during the two-day event including:

— The role of Government in revitalizing Toronto’s Waterfront with: David Miller, Mayor of Toronto
— Traffic Strategies that can improve downtown vehicle flow with: Jose Luis Moscovich, Executive Director San Francisco County Transportation Authority
— Building high-demand and innovative waterfront housing that creates distinctive communities with: Leon Their, Architectural Director, Studio Leon Thier, and Netherlands
— Creating a coherent vision of the city’s future: John W. Campbell, President and CEO of Waterfront Toronto
— Successfully creating a mixed-use waterfront to ensure wide-ranging community support with: Richard McGuiness, Deputy Director, Waterfront Planning, Boston Redevelopment Authority
— Long-term renewal strategies for protecting your waterfront investment: Colin Tarbert, Senior Economic Development Officer, Baltimore Development Corporation
— Workshop: Special Site Tour with Waterfront Toronto Executives PLUS a Leader’s Roundtable Discussion.

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