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Toronto Hydro offers new Demand Response program in Ontario

Toronto Hydro Corporation’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc. (TH Energy) has launched a new Demand Response (DR) product offer for commercial and industrial customers. TH Energy’s DR program takes advantage of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) Demand Response 3 program launched in November 2007. The program is designed to provide an opportunity for customers to receive financial benefits for actively participating in the Ontario electricity market by providing demand reduction when electricity demand is at its peak throughout the year.

“This is an excellent way for customers to participate in providing relief to the supply and demand issues in Ontario, and in return receive substantial financial benefits,” said Chris Tyrrell, President, TH Energy. “The key to a successful DR relationship is for the customer to find a trusted partner that is a reliable aggregator who understands the Ontario market and will be around over the term of the DR contract.”

The OPA program rules allow customers with a minimum of 50kW of “curtailable or dispatchable” load to participate in the program. Customers with less than 5MW of curtailable or dispatchable load must participate using the services of an OPA-approved aggregator, while customers with curtailable or dispatchable loads greater than 5MW have the option of using an aggregator or signing a contract directly with the OPA.

TH Energy has extensive experience helping customers with the design and implementation of demand response and energy management strategies in the commercial and industrial sectors. Over the past few months, TH Energy has been actively seeking to sign-up customers that have interruptible and / or curtailable loads within their facilities to the demand response program offering.

Over the next few months, TH Energy will be holding a series of information sessions for their customers and will be inviting executives and senior managers of various organizations to learn more about Demand Response and how it can benefit their organization. To get further information, call TH Energy at 416-640-9839

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