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Toronto home builder fined $93,750

Toronto home builder Alexander Boros was fined $93,750 on March 18, 2008 and sentenced to two years probation by Ontario Provincial Court. Mr. Boros was found guilty on three counts of illegal building activity: failing to register as a builder with Tarion Warranty Corporation, failing to register as a new home vendor with Tarion, and failing to enroll a home that he was constructing with the Corporation.

“This wasn’t the first time Mr. Boros has tried to sidestep the provisions of the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, which require builders to offer specific warranty protection to the buyers of new homes in Ontario,” said Dave Roberts, Director of Enforcement at Tarion. “This time, the Courts not only found him guilty of the charges laid, they also imposed the maximum fine and gave him a two-year probationary sentence. This is an appropriate punishment, in our estimation.”

Tarion protects the rights of new home buyers by regulating the home building industry and guaranteeing the warranty protection that new home builders must provide under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act. Every builder or vendor of a new home sold in Ontario must register with Tarion in order to build homes, and must enroll every new home with Tarion before construction begins.

Illegal building in the residential construction industry is a serious problem in Ontario and the provincial courts are responding with heavy fines and even jail time. Tarion employs a team of former police officers who work with building and municipal officials to uncover illegal building in Ontario. The efforts of Tarion’s Enforcement Department led to 320 convictions during 2007 and $616,000 in fines being levied by the courts.

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