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Simons’ new Londonderry location in Edmonton to feature solar-electric system


When Simons opens its new Londonderry location in Edmonton in August 2017, it will be bringing a whole lot more than just fashion to the City. In partnership with 20 VIC Management Inc., the Canadian fashion retailer announced as part of its commitment to sustainable design that it will self-generate over 50 per cent of its overall electrical usage with the installation of a solar-electric system on the mall parking lot and on the store roof.

“We are thoroughly examining how we can reduce our environmental impact throughout the whole company, from the suppliers we work with to the raw materials we use”, said CEO Peter Simons. “Our stores are the visual and tactile part of the Simons experience, so it is extremely important that we continue testing sustainability initiatives, like the latest in solar PV technology, on location where we interact with our customers.”

Some of the highlights of the store’s sustainable design program include:

  • The addition of one of the largest solar-electric systems in a retail project in Canada, including 700 solar-electric modules on the parking lot and 1100 modules on the roof. The parking lot canopy will protect customers from the elements as well as provide them a front row seat to the latest in solar technology in action. The combined solar-electric system will generate 470,000 kWh/year (equivalent to 65 homes) and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 300 tonnes/year
  • Electric car charging stations will be installed in the parking lot adjacent to the store
  • An interior lighting program that includes LED lighting throughout the entire store as well as dimmable light fixtures adjacent to naturally lit areas of store to maximize natural day light, reducing electricity devoted to lighting by more than 40 per cent

“With Edmonton being one of the sunniest cities in Canada, Londonderry was a natural testing ground for the latest in solar-electric technology,” said Jordan Adams, general manager, Londonderry Mall. “Simons is leading the way in leveraging innovation to create new standards for sustainability in retail.”

Simons will open its Londonderry location on Thursday, August 24th, 2017.

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