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Publication of 2008 edition of Quebec Construction Code integrated into the 2005 National Building Code

Amendments to Chapter I, Building, of the Construction Code were adopted by the Province of Quebec on March 19, 2008 with an effective date of May 17, 2008. This Chapter comprises the National Building Code of Canada 2005 (NBC) and approximately 300 changes related to sprinkler systems, accessibility to buildings, and ventilation, among others. The Building Chapter is intended for designers, contractors responsible for carrying out building work, and owner-builders.

NRC-IRC, in collaboration with the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, is pleased to announce the publication of the Quebec Construction Code, Chapter I – Building, and National Building Code of Canada 2005 (amended). This new document includes the amendments to Chapter I, Building, and the amended NBC provisions so as to indicate clearly to users the changes that apply to construction and renovation work in Quebec.

As in the case of the NBC, an objective-based approach was used to prepare this new edition of the Quebec Construction Code. The majority of the Code provisions are linked to objectives describing the overall goals that the provisions are intended to achieve and to functional statements describing conditions that help satisfy the objectives. This new information allows for flexibility by helping users evaluate alternative solutions to the acceptable solutions provided in the Code.

The Quebec Construction Code with the amended NBC is available now in print (binder format). It will be offered on CD-ROM and on the Web (on-line subscription service) in the spring of 2009.

To order this new edition of the Quebec Construction Code, please visit the NRC Virtual Store at

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