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Osram Sylvania issues challenge to promote green virtues and design capabilities of LED lighting

Osram Sylvania is sending out a challenge to Canadian manufacturers of lighting fixtures: the search is on for viable designs using Osram LED components and technology. The Next Icon Osram Led Design Challenge aims to further Canadian innovation and create awareness of the environmental and economic advantages of LED applications.


LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are tiny light sources that emit light as low voltage passes through an encased chip of semiconductor material. The company sees an opportunity to develop the presence of widely recognizable LED-based fixtures. “This challenge is a call for lighting designs we can celebrate and then help bring to market,” says Steven Duff, Osram Sylvania’s director, Special Lighting Markets. “We are actively seeking partners with innovative fixture designs that we can support and make a reality.”


The deadline to submit prototypes is August 31, 2009, and entries will be highlighted at Lightpoint Canada, the premier interactive lighting educational facility in the country. The fixtures will also be displayed, with winners being chosen by popular vote, at the Light Canada Expo at the IIDEX design show in September.


Designs that merge LED’s technical attributes —  their small size, low energy requirements, physical flexibility and long service life — with aesthetics for domestic, commercial, industrial and specialized applications will find a willing partner in Osram Sylvania. “We’re serious about creating LED solutions and then working with manufacturers to help get them into the hands of end users,” says Duff. Entries designed for illumination applications may be for direct or indirect, backlit or spot, ambient or task, indoor or outdoor applications. 


The design challenge’s moniker, ‘The Next Icon’ points to the open opportunity to popularize LED lighting. “We are working to help create design icons using LEDs,” says Duff. “So between rising energy costs, maintenance expenses, regulatory changes, designer chic and emerging LED technology, the time is right for stand-out designs that are imaginative and work well.”





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