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New survey reveals Ontarians willing to spend more money for energy-efficient homes

According to a new Leger Marketing poll, Ontario homebuyers are ready to open their wallets for homes that are energy efficient, will retain their value and are built with environmentally friendly materials. These three features were identified as the top three features that Ontario homebuyers are willing to pay for when purchasing a new or resale home.


The survey also highlighted some interesting differences between generations of homebuyers. Ontario residents between the ages of 35-54 years are the most likely to pay more for energy-efficient homes (42 per cent), while those over the age of 55 are least likely (34 per cent). Homebuyers between the ages of 18-34 years also rank energy efficiency high, with 41 per cent willing to pay more for this feature in a new or resale home.


Purchasing preferences also vary by region: Homebuyers in southwestern Ontario are most willing to pay more for an energy efficient home (50 per cent), followed by people who live in Northern Ontario (48 per cent).

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