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New report suggests how to smooth the ups and downs of business cycles in Canada

The Canada West Foundation has released a paper examining how the federal and provincial governments can mitigate the negative consequences of business cycles and make the economy more internationally competitive. “National Stabilization Policy and its Implications for Western Canada” was prepared by University of Calgary economist Dr. Ronald Kneebone, and makes three recommendations intended to help smooth the damaging ups and downs of regional business cycles: 1) Governments in Canada should do more to ensure the free movement of labour, capital and goods within the federation; 2) provincial governments should make long-term commitments to stable funding for local jurisdictions; and 3) governments should be more willing to adjust their budgets to business cycles.

A full copy of “National Stabilization Policy and its Implications for Western Canada” can be obtained on the Canada West Foundation website at or directly at

National Stabilization Policy and its Implications for Western Canada is part of Canada West Foundation’s Going for Gold Project, which has been made possible with the support of Western Economic Diversification Canada. Additional funding has been provided by the Provinces of British Columbia (Economic Development), Alberta (Employment, Immigration and Industry), Saskatchewan (Enterprise and Innovation), and Manitoba (Competitiveness, Training and Trade).

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