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Major Alberta developers adopt new web-based customer service solution

Conasys Inc, a provider of electronic customer service solutions, has launched its Warranty Resource program in Alberta, with some of Alberta’s most recognized development companies such as Statesman Group, Beattie Homes and Medican Developments, signing on to offer their clients web-based homeowner packages.

Currently used by over 200 builders in Canada, The Warranty Resource service is aimed at managing their clients warranty and after-sales service flow with the goal of improving customer service and consumer confidence. This ensures that every purchaser in a developer’s project will be provided with a product-specific database that is unique and specific to their home. This comes in a printed manual and through a unique log-on where homebuyers can access operating, maintenance and warranty documents for all products and components specific to their home, right down to items as small as light switches and paint chip colours. Accompanying this data is a complete contact directory for suppliers, installers and manufacturers customer service programs related to all products in their home. All the information about what went into building a home, single family or multi-unit, is itemized and stored for instant access at anytime, now or years from now.

The construction industry is increasingly faced with information hungry homebuyers while at the same time is dealing with new legislation, such as homeowner protection laws, mandated warranties and Builder Licensing programs. Each of these requires managing a considerable amount of information. The Warranty Resource service provides homeowners instant access to their required documentation and does it with web-based methodology that consumers expect today. The resulting benefit created for the homeowner is that they can take advantage of product manufacturers warranty programs which can very often extend beyond that of the builders’ third-party warranty offering. Builders lower their costs of customer service by having fast access to documentation themselves and by having homeowners be proactive. All of these benefits lead to higher customer satisfaction which ultimately leads to higher sales for the builders in the long run.

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