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Lean Construction Institute – Canada established to improve building industry supply chain

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) has formed a new special committee, called Lean Construction Institute – Canada (LCI-Canada), which is committed to transforming the built environment through the development and application of lean tools and techniques throughout the building industry supply chain. This commitment begins with conversations and collaboration that includes all members of the industry – owners, designers, contractors, trades, and allied services within the complete supply chain.

LCI-Canada believes the building industry needs to improve value delivered by capital projects while reducing waste. Deep application of lean principles throughout the industry including the definition of needs, design, construction and operation of capital facilities will continuously improve industry value.

“The LCI-Canada’s mission complements and supports CCA’s strategic plan of advocacy, industry best practices, communication with members and partner association, industry advancement and decision-making,” said Anibal Valente, CCA chair.

“The founding members of LCI-Canada are pleased to be associated with CCA as a respected voice for improving the building industry in Canada,” said Ken Smith, spokesperson for the newly-formed organization.

“The Lean Construction Institute – US appreciates this Canadian interest and willingness to help lead the evolution and practice of lean in Canada and is looking forward to supporting LCI-Canada as a newly formed special committee of CCA,” said Dan Heinemeier, executive director of the Lean Construction Institute – US.

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