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Historic Guelph building may be saved from “demolition by neglect”

The Petrie Building, a unique landmark in downtown Guelph placed on the 2014 Endangered Places Listing, will be acquired by Tyrcathlen Partners. One of three documented buildings in Canada erected prior to 1890 with a full sheet metal façade, the Petrie Building was “a victim of years of neglect” says the National Trust, which manages the Endangered Places List.

Focusing exclusively on heritage restoration and adaptive reuse in Guelph, Tyrcathlen Partners’ projects involve innovative partnerships and solutions to save heritage buildings and transform their use. Other projects include the Granary Building (now home to the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, Innovative Guelph and others) and Boarding House Arts (a vibrant community of artists, arts organizations and galleries in the former Guelph Civic Museum).

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to revitalize this truly unique local landmark and national heritage treasure,” said Tyrcathlen Partners Principal Kirk Roberts. “After almost 100 years, it will be especially rewarding to see the upper floors come back to life.”

The historic Petrie Building is located at 15 Wyndham Street North in Guelph, Ontario.

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