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Greater Toronto Area resale housing sales drop significantly in November

Greater Toronto REALTORS recorded 3,640 transactions last month, down notably from 7,313 sales in November 2007. Year-to-date sales figures for the Greater Toronto Area show 72,086 transactions in 2008, from down 88,695 sales recorded in the same January to November period a year ago. By contrast, the 2008 year-to-date average price in the GTA is $379,489, from $375,445 in 2007.

“Its important for the public to understand that while sales activity has moderated in 2008, due to current economic conditions, the average price of homes has increased from 2006 still making real estate a solid long term investment,” said Toronto Real Estate Board president Maureen O’Neill.

In the 416 area, 1,523 transactions took place last month, from 3,426 sales recorded in November 2007. From a year-to-date perspective, there have been 28,806 sales in the 416 area this year, from 36,804 transactions a year ago.

In the 905 Region, 2,117 homes changed hands last month, down from November 2007’s 3,887 sales. The 905 Region’s year-to-date figures show 43,280 transactions this year, from 51,891 sales recorded during the same period in 2007.

The average price of a home in the GTA last month was $368,582, from $393,747 noted in November 2007. In November 2006 the average price was recorded at $355,727.

In the 416 area, last month’s average price was $390,225, from $433,859 noted in November 2007. The average price recorded in November 2006 was $381,188. From a year-to-date perspective the 2008 average price in the 416 area is $411,155, from last year’s $411,640.

In the 905 Region, the average price recorded last month was $353,012, from $358,391 recorded in November of 2007. In November 2006 the average price was $335,522. The year-to-date average price in the 905 Region this year is $359,245, from $349,774 in 2007.

The average number of days a home currently remains on the market in the GTA is 41, from an average of 32 days last November. There are currently 27,037 homes listed on the TorontoMLS system compared to 18,309 available properties in November 2007.

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