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Dow Building Solutions announces price increases due to rising hydrocarbon and energy costs

Dow Building Solutions has announced that due to continuing and unprecedented increases in energy, feedstocks, raw materials, and transportation costs, it will increase prices in the U.S. and Canada by up to an additional 10 percent for all product lines.

“The price of oil has risen drastically over the past year – 80 per cent – and natural gas prices have increased by 40 per cent. The building materials industry, like many other Dow businesses, is feeling the pain of this phenomenon at many levels,” said Torsten Kraef, president and general manager for Dow Building Solutions. “Transportation costs have been drastically affected by the rising price of fuel. With margins quickly eroding, we must take these steps now in order to be able to meet customer demand for our products and reinvest in the future.”

The price increases are effective July 1 for all orders shipped on or after July 1 for the following products: STYROFOAM Extruded Polystyrene Insulations, Dow Polyisocyanurate Insulations, Dow High Performance Underlayment & Protection Board (Fanfold), WEATHERMATE Brand Housewraps, STYROFOAM Spray Polyurethane Insulations, GREAT STUFF, GREAT STUFF PRO, ENERFOAM, INSTATIK, and TILE-BOND , FROTH-PAK Insulation & Sealants, STYROFOAM Sill Seal, and WEATHERMATE Construction Tape, Straight, Flexible & Sill Pan Flashings.
The price increases are effective July 15 for all orders shipped on or after July 15 for the following products: STYROFOAM Panel Core Products, STYROFOAM Oncology Board Products, STYROFOAM Surf Board Products, and TRYMER Polyisocyanurate Pipe Insulations.

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