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Conergy to build more than 30 per cent of new Ontario rooftop solar program

The downstream solar company Conergy, together with development partner Envision Companies announced that its customers received FIT contract offers for 6.6 MW of projects to be installed on the rooftops of 22 to-be-constructed buildings across the province of Ontario. The projects were approved for participation in the Ontario government’s Feed-In-Tariff 3.0 program according to the specifications of the Unconstructed Rooftop Solar Program (URSP), which had a total allotment of 15 MW AC.

The URSP was initiated under the terms of FIT 3.0, which was launched November 2013. The program enables developers to apply for FIT rooftop subsidies for buildings that are yet to be constructed. This flexibility offers huge potential in a province that developed over $28 billion worth of residential and non-residential buildings in 2013. Ontario was Canada’s leading province for total value of building permits issued, with over 35 per cent of the national share in new construction.

“We applaud the Ontario government’s leadership in bringing forward this program.  Our view is that the future of solar must include new building construction considerations and this program is a great step in advancing that market opportunity,” said Brian Gruis, president of Envision Companies.

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