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Canadians continue strong support for public-private partnerships

According to a national survey, conducted by The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP), a strong majority of Canadians continue to support public-private partnerships. The poll, released at the 16th annual CCPPP national conference on public-private partnerships in Toronto, found that 87% of Canadians believe governments are having trouble meeting the demand for new or improved public infrastructure and services. In addition, 61% of Canadians believe the private sector can help to close this gap by becoming involved in financing, building and upgrading much-needed roads, schools, hospitals, transit networks and other public infrastructure.


“CCPPP has been surveying Canadians’ attitudes to public-private partnerships for five years now and the numbers show firm support across all regions and sectors of society,” said Dale Richmond, president of The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships. “In these uncertain economic times, Canadians know that government cannot do it alone. Partnerships with the private sector not only give governments another important tool to address the infrastructure deficit, they also bring added financial discipline, innovation and capital. These advantages make P3s a sound investment for Canadians.”


Support for PPPs is strongest in Quebec (69%), followed by the Atlantic (67%) and the Prairie provinces (62%), British Columbia (58%) and Ontario (56%). Non-health hospital services, recreation facilities and roads are the sectors most favoured for application of the PPP model.


The annual survey was conducted by Environics Research Group for the CCPPP. Over 2,000 Canadians were interviewed by telephone by Environics between September and October. The results are estimated to be accurate to within plus or minus 2.2 percentage points in 19 times out of 20. The margin of error is greater for results pertaining to regional or socio-demographic subgroups of the total sample.


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