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BOMA Canada poised to benefit by Public Works new ‘green lease’ requirements

The Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada’s BOMA BESt, program is poised to gain new prominence as the federal government’s Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) develops new environmental clauses for its building leases.


In a recent release, Ellen Burack, Director General of PWGSC’s Office of Greening Government Operations, said federal officials are working with their provincial counterparts to develop a list of environmental requirements for leased accommodations. She noted that the federal government is looking to further green its leasing activity, although requirements would vary from province to province. Additionally, she said, any new or renewed leases over 10,000 square metres (approximately 107,650 square feet) require an assessment under the Building Owners and Managers Association’s environmental certification program BOMA BESt.


BOMA BESt, which stands for Building Environmental Standards, is the evolution of BOMA Canada’s Go Green and Go Green Plus programs. To date, approximately 300 million square feet of commercial office space (~1000 buildings) in Canada have achieved BOMA BESt certification, including over 120 Public Works and Government Services Canada buildings.


With four possible levels of certification, users can progress through the program from Level 1 up to Level 4 and continually use the framework of the Best Practices and the BOMA BESt assessment to improve environmental performance and management. To attain certification, building managers must conduct energy and water audits, continually monitor resource consumption and have a preventative maintenance program in place to ensure ongoing compliance. All buildings are verified on-site by a third-party. The BOMA BESt certification builds on Go Green and Go Green Plus by harmonizing these separate certifications into one comprehensive, easy-to-use program. 

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