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Westinghouse to prepare construction plans, cost estimates for potential units at Darlington

Westinghouse Electric Company announced that it would prepare for Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG) detailed construction plans, schedules and cost estimates for two potential AP1000 nuclear reactors at OPG’s Darlington site. “Westinghouse is pleased to participate in the Province’s information-gathering process,” said Joe Zwetolitz, president, Westinghouse Americas. “Should the Province select our AP1000 as the preferred option, we believe that Ontario’s infrastructure could become even more energy self-sufficient, creating local Canadian jobs during construction and opportunities for involving Canadian suppliers on this and future nuclear projects elsewhere in the world.”

To further their commitment to the Canadian new build market, Westinghouse is also opening a Westinghouse Electric Canada, Inc. office in Toronto. “The formation of a Canadian entity earlier this year was consistent with our strategy to increase business in the country,” said Zwetolitz.  “With the opening of the Westinghouse Canada office in Toronto, we now have become more a part of Canada’s viable nuclear energy industry.” 

Approximately 100 Canadian suppliers currently provide a wide range of products and services for the Westinghouse product lines of Fuel, Services, Automation, and Nuclear Power Plants. Additionally, a large percentage of the scope for the potential construction of AP1000 reactor units at Darlington would be sourced from Ontario or elsewhere in Canada, resulting in the opportunity to work with and qualify additional Canadian businesses and manufacturers to participate in the potential new build at Darlington and in other global nuclear projects. 

Four AP1000 units are currently under construction at two sites in China and four units are under construction at two sites in the U.S. At each of these four sites, upwards of 3,500 construction workers are employed during the peak of construction activities.  Once construction is complete, operation of a two-unitAP1000 nuclear plant requires up to 700 employees.

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