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Stantec picks up three Saskatchewan Premier’s Awards of Excellence in Design

Stantec was the recipient of three Premier’s Awards of Excellence in Design at this year’s Design Council of Saskatchewan gala, held during Saskatchewan’s Design Week. The awards were handed out for three projects: Stonebridge Special Use Parks received the Award of Excellence in Landscape Architecture, the University of Saskatchewan Graduate Residence the Award of Excellence in Architecture, and the University of Saskatchewan Nursing Program the Award of Merit in Interior Design.

“Design Week in Saskatchewan is such a great opportunity to appreciate the incredible creativity demonstrated throughout the province by the design community,” says Rory Picklyk, Stantec’s vice president for Saskatchewan. “We are honoured to have our design teams recognized among so many projects that enhance communities throughout Saskatchewan.”

Stonebridge Special Use Parks

The Stonebridge Special Use Parks project provides a unique recreation and learning opportunity for residents and visitors, while raising awareness of the historical Moose Jaw Trail. The park has successfully preserved the original wagon trail as an important part of Saskatchewan’s heritage, while enhancing the community with additional recreational and educational opportunities.

University of Saskatchewan Graduate Residence

With expanding graduate and research programs attracting students from abroad, the University of Saskatchewan was in need of a new residence facility that would meet the needs of a culturally diverse student population that ranges in age from early 20s to mid-50s. The Graduate Residence recognizes the importance of accommodating these differences while creating an environment in which students can flourish academically and socially. The building design sets up a framework to allow students to find their own ways to engage their academic community and to define and utilize methods of connecting that work for them.

University of Saskatchewan Nursing Program

As part of the University of Saskatchewan’s strategy to give students the option to learn where they live, the College of Nursing opened a new teaching facility within the Orr Centre in Regina. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to assist the College of Nursing in providing distance education and connectivity to classrooms and students located in rural communities. The design features extensive use of glass, both clear and decorative, to create a sense of openness yet preserves acoustic separation. It also allows natural light to filter into more of the spaces. Colours and materials were selected to create a vibrant, non-institutional feel. Playful clouds of lighting in the Learning Commons celebrate this tall space and create visual interest.

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