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Interested in neighbourhood design? Then TCAT is interested in you.

The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) has initiated the ‘Active Neighbourhoods Canada’ project that brings participatory design to communities across Canada with the goal of creating green, active and healthy neighbourhoods. These neighbourhoods celebrate the active use of shared public space; they support walking and cycling for everyone by providing safe and welcoming urban design. With a vision of long-term liveability, these neighbourhoods are designed collectively. They foster community linkages, encourage a connection with natural systems and allow citizens to develop a sense of belonging.

Four communities will be selected in Ontario for this project. In each, TCAT is assembling local teams with a lead partner who has the desire and capacity to work towards making big changes.

Each community must fulfill the following requirements:

*Significant immigrant or low-income populations

*Demonstrated desire and capacity for citizen engagement

*Projected developments to change the built environment

*Committed community and municipal partners

If you are interested in applying as a partner on this exciting project please see our online application:

If you have questions contact a member of our team:

Mikey Bennington, Research Lead:

Car Martin, Design Lead:

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