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Half-billion dollar residential real estate project underway in Mirabel

Ray Junior Courtemanche, of Investissements Ray Junior Inc. and Daniel Proulx, of Investissements Au Pied Carré Inc., are the two entrepreneurs behind La Cité de Mirabel, the largest residential real estate project west of the Laurentian Autoroute in Mirabel, where the future “Premium Outlet Center” will be located.  This residential project of 2.2 million square feet includes more than 2,000 residential units, including condos, townhouses and tower houses for retirees. Construction of the roads and infrastructures is planned for May 2013, while the construction of the first houses, condos and townhouses is scheduled for June 2013.

La Cité de Mirabel’s project is the result of lengthy negotiations between the two promoters and MSG Lac Mirabel Quebec SEC (Morgan Stanley Group and Sheldon Gordon Group), owner of the land, a 14 million square feet area. “We are very proud that La Cité de Mirabel will represent significant economic benefits for the region,” said Ray Junior Courtemanche, co-developer of the project. “Our perseverance and unique vision of the project allowed us to win the confidence of the foreign investors.” The plan includes three 14-storey buildings with rooftop terraces and townhouses and a residential tower for retirees, an integrated park with water games, and a protected area of more than three million square feet of wetland and protected forests, including the development of some ponds and aquatic vegetation, located behind the houses will be renovated to preserve and protect the environment and natural resources, at a cost of $ 2.5 million dollars.

“La Cité de Mirabel comes to life thanks to the support of all our partners and collaborators, convinced by multiple approaches, including a few Montreal – New York trips to discuss in person with some of them,” said Daniel Proulx, owner of La Cité de Mirabel. “These efforts will have allowed us to put in place the much needed infrastructure to create, from scratch, La Cité de Mirabel.”

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