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Dow launches new construction chemicals business unit

The Dow Chemical Company has formed Dow Construction Chemicals, a new business within the Dow Advanced Materials portfolio that combines certain capabilities of legacy Rohm and Haas Company, acquired in April of 2009, and legacy Dow Wolff Cellulosics, formed in 2007, to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to manufacturers of building and construction products around the world.


Dow Construction Chemicals offers deep, broad technology platforms and extensive application know-how in acrylic, redispersible latex powder, and cellulosic chemistries. The business is focused on providing additive and formulation solutions to manufacturers of construction products such as elastomeric roof coatings, external insulation and finish systems (EIFS), specialty cements, insulation , caulks & sealants.   


“With a host of established brands such as AQUASET Acrylic Thermosetting Resins, DOW Latex Powders, METHOCEL Cellulose Ethers,  RHOPLEX Aqueous Acrylic Polymer Emulsions, and CELLOSIZE Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Dow Construction Chemicals is already a leading supplier to construction product formulators around the world,” said Colin Gouveia, commercial director for Dow Construction Chemicals in North America. “More important to our customers, though, is our dedication to leveraging the vast scientific, manufacturing, distribution and people resources of this combined entity to create new materials, platforms and applications that help them address their most pressing challenges, ranging from cost containment and performance enhancement to sustainability and product differentiation.”


In addition to its core technologies, Dow Construction Chemicals plans to draw upon Dow’s extensive capabilities in polyurethanes, epoxies, synthetic rheology modifiers, biocides and other chemical fields to broaden its product base with innovative new market solutions.  Today, Dow Construction Chemicals is a supplier of acrylic latex binders for “cool roof” coatings; a host of important acrylic and cellulosic additives for EIFS; formaldehyde-free acrylic thermosetting resins for binding the fiberglass filaments in insulation systems; cellulosics, emulsion polymer modifiers, and cure/seal membranes for specialty concrete products; and a number of different binders, coatings, powders, emulsion polymers and thickeners for applications ranging from caulks and sealants to industrial non-woven mats, ceramic tile adhesives, roof tiles and siding, and tape joint compounds, among others.

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