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Do you have innovative ideas about designing and building better buildings?

The 14th Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology, to be held October 28-30, 2014 in Toronto, is now inviting Abstracts on ways in which highly-efficient buildings can be designed and built as well as how more sustainable and ‘greener’ technologies can be incorporated into our buildings.

The Conference provides a forum for sharing building science research, knowledge and field experience. For the past 30 years, the Conference has brought together architects, engineers, industry representatives and researchers to discuss building science principles and issues governing the design, construction, repair, renovation and operation of buildings.

The 14th Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology will be organized and hosted by the Ontario Building Envelope Council (OBEC) on behalf of the National Building Envelope Council (NBEC). The 14th Conference Theme: “Buildings for Tomorrow”.

Abstract Submissions

You are invited to submit an abstract, no longer than 400 words, which summarizes the objectives, approach, results and conclusions of the proposed paper.

Abstract forms can be downloaded here (PDF).

Abstracts must be received by October 31st, 2012 to be considered for the Conference program.

Authors will be informed of the status of their abstracts by January 31st, 2013. Instructions for preparation of papers will be sent to the lead authors of accepted abstracts.

Without limiting the primary goal of the Conference articulated above, we are particularly interested in papers that reveal:

•           new products, systems or construction techniques for improved building enclosure performance;

•           improvements to computational models, or other design tools supported by field experience or experiment;

•           hygrothermal simulation and/or field monitoring of super-insulated building envelopes in extreme and moderate climates;

•           novel methods of management, organization, or quality assurance

•           new research and revised design understanding;

•           retrofit of existing building structures to modern energy and sustainability design standards;

•           building commissioning and whole building performance verification;

•           air-tightness testing of whole buildings;

•           HVAC and air tightness harmonization;

•           building science as a profession and the capacity within the Building industry to meet future building demands;

•           cost effective and practical solutions to new building construction and retrofits for existing structures that balance economics, regulatory pressures and existing market capacity;

•           increased use of smart building technologies to operate buildings;

•           integrating the building envelope design into the built environment.

Potential authors include: architects, engineers, building scientists, contractors, developers, maintenance professionals, property managers, technical representatives and building codes and regulatory authorities.

Important Dates:

•           Submission of Abstract: October 31, 2012

•           Notification of Acceptance: January 31, 2013

•           Draft Submissions Due: July 31, 2013

•           Draft Acceptance Notification: January 31, 2014

•           Final Submission Due: July 31, 2014

•           PowerPoint Presentation (for review) Submissions: September 15, 2014

For more information about OBEC, please refer to our website at

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