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Dayhu Group adding new distribution centre space to Delta, B.C.

There is a looming shortage of usable industrial land in the Lower Mainland of B.C., where expanding big box retailers and other large warehousing and distribution companies are actively seeking suitable space to support their growth and make transporting goods and services in British Columbia more efficient and economically viable.

To meet this need, The Dayhu Group has chosen Wales McLelland to commence construction on Phase I of 900,000 square feet of prime commercial real estate in Boundary Bay, on the B.C./U.S. border in the municipality of Delta. Being touted as the next generation of distribution centres, the $25 million Boundary Bay Industrial Park is being built with greater-than-average ceiling heights of 36 feet clear, providing significantly more storage volume for large-scale users. In addition to the increase in storage capacity other features include ESFR sprinklers, T5 high efficiency lighting with motion sensors, high capacity hydraulic dock-levellers and extensive on-site trailer parking.

“The new ceiling heights allow for building up, rather than out which is a sound strategy to increasing storage capacity at a time where land use is limited,” said Paul Tilbury, Chief Operating Officer, Dayhu Group.

The Boundary Bay area is currently utilized by the Boundary Bay Airport with companies such as Heli-One as tenants. Construction has commenced on the new distribution center with completion expected in early 2014.

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