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Built Green Canada launches high density program

In parallel to National Environment Week, Built Green Canada has launched a new High Density (HD) program, which aims to address the needs of builders constructing multi-storey and residential tower development.

This program emerges from Built Green Canada’s multi-storey and residential tower program, which was in existence for three years before it transitioned to an HD pilot in 2011. The transition was based on builders’ input, emerging building practices, energy efficiency advancements and market demand. Extensive work was undertaken by Built Green Canada’s Technical & Standards Committee.

“We have worked with several builders during this pilot phase to ensure the program addresses their needs and because of our industry-driven approach to program development, by builders for builders, they’re easier to administer than many other programs,” says Jenifer Christenson, executive director Built Green Canada, which was founded in 2003 to promote, enable and recognizes environmentally responsible residential home construction practices. “The same principles we built our Single Family program on were applied to HD; that is, using advanced building technologies that consider the building as a sum of its parts, four levels of achievement, affordability and third-party certification.”

Certification requires that minimum performance levels be attained in several categories, starting with energy efficiency and including envelope and energy systems, materials and methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation and business practices.

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