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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Market Outlook 2015

No shocks and few surprises. So reads the first sentence of the Canadian section of the 2015 Emerging Trends in Real Estate report. So much for publishing in October and being the first out of the gate.  
Mar 2, 2015

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Hammer out a refund on your tax return: trades edition

As a skilled tradesperson, improving your craft is no easy feat. Every day, you try hard to be the best and prove your ability. You’re hands-on, dependable, and take pride in your workmanship. You have the qualifications and you have the...
Feb 27, 2015

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Using (Or Abusing?) The Use Clause

At the heart of any successful shopping centre is a deliberate merchandising plan that maintains the right quality and variety of tenancies.  One of the ways landlords control this balance is by way of lease provisions that prescribe each...
Feb 25, 2015

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-scenes look at the LRT encapsulation for Calgary's New Central Library

2014 has been a landmark year with excitement building for the New Calgary Central Library and striking architectural designs released to the public in September. Beyond the look of what’s being described as Calgary’s most...
Dec 11, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Engineering safer, greener communities

The fact that climate change is the new reality and is a global phenomenon that affects us locally with severe weather, flooding and drought is a topic Credit Valley Conservation’s Christine Zimmer explored in her keynote address at the...
Nov 14, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVES: How to Get (Really) Good at Business Communications

It’s easy to roll your eyes and moan about the state of business communications. Everything from incomplete, inaccurate and confusing emails and memos to meeting minutes and reports that don’t make sense. Ineffective business...
Oct 13, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Apartment developers must address the rising family market

For those of us in the business, it is a very good time to be a part of the purpose-built rental apartment industry. Years of restrained supply and burgeoning demand for rental housing have created a perfect storm, making apartment buildings an...
Oct 4, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Net-zero energy homes capitalize on computerized construction

Imagine buying an electric car that’s delivered to your doorstep … in a box. The box contains all of the car’s essential components, each one meticulously made. Later that day, the car company sends out its best mechanic to...
Aug 31, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Sticks and stones

As the Province of Ontario moves closer to a decision on regulations permitting taller wood-frame construction, two industry associations representing interests on either side of the debate continue the war of words, at least as it pertains...
Aug 21, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Halifax firm reusing CO2 to make stronger, greener concrete blocks

One of York University’s newest buildings will have one major yet invisible element in common with green renovations at the Davis branch of the University of California: Both are using a new kind of concrete block produced in Nova Scotia,...
Aug 15, 2014

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