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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Sticks and stones

As the Province of Ontario moves closer to a decision on regulations permitting taller wood-frame construction, two industry associations representing interests on either side of the debate continue the war of words, at least as it pertains...
Aug 21, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Halifax firm reusing CO2 to make stronger, greener concrete blocks

One of York University’s newest buildings will have one major yet invisible element in common with green renovations at the Davis branch of the University of California: Both are using a new kind of concrete block produced in Nova Scotia,...
Aug 15, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Assessing the Potential Effects of Climate Change on High-Rise Residential Buildings

Traditionally, building design has relied to a considerable extent on historic climate data accumulated over time to provide design criteria for everything in buildings including structural systems, cladding and windows, site drainage and HVAC...
Aug 1, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: A Clash of Cultures: Applying Modern Planning Systems in the Middle East

Planning systems throughout the world are rooted in the modern, western-oriented worldview and the rationale of liberal nationalism. In this view, society consists of relatively equal and free individuals, operating in a fairly free market,...
Jul 12, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: A Crash Course in Convention Networking

Industry-specific conferences and conventions are a hallmark in business networking. As an attendee or a sponsored vendor, you will be inundated with a who’s who in your field—from the headlining heavyweights delivering keynotes and...
Jun 28, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Final Certificate of Payment - final no more

Paying invoices late is common—so much so that paying 'on time' is a mark of an exceptional business relationship. Of course, that flies in the face of almost all construction contracts, because they normally require prompt payment and...
Jun 9, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Engage, Don't Enrage

When I returned to Toronto in 2002, after a dozen years working as an urban design consultant in the United States, I couldn’t believe how long and often confrontational the development approval process was here in Ontario. A large condo...
May 20, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: "Reconnecting Toronto's Waterfront" through an Urban Ideas Competition

It seems like everyone has an opinion about Toronto's waterfront, particularly the stretch between Bathurst and Parliament Streets. Only one opinion seems to have reached consensus: there is a significant disconnect between Toronto's vibrant...
May 3, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Know When to Hold 'Em, Know When To Fold 'Em

When a real estate deal collapses, the vendor may feel pressure to act quickly in exercising its available remedies. In many cases, if the purchaser is unable or unwilling to complete the transaction, and is in breach of its obligations under...
Mar 28, 2014

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Focus on the Facts: John O'Bryan debunks commercial real estate myths at CBRE Annual Outlook Breakfast

We have decided to focus on major trends in this presentation, rather than merely providing a commentary on the many excellent statistics we produce. All of which you can find in our recently released 2014 Canadian Market Outlook.
Mar 20, 2014

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