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WEB EXCLUSIVE: It's Time For Harper to Go

The Bank of Canada’s latest review of the financial system listed “…the country’s climbing level of household debt and its persistently overvalued real estate market as key vulnerabilities in the financial system.”
Jun 19, 2015

WEB EXCLUSIVE: "Short-Sighted Politicians Are Fuelling Canada's Housing Crisis"

The latest example of Canadian politicians' (in)action in regard to real estate prices getting out of control is the recent decision by the B.C. Premier Christy Clark, to reject the idea of raising taxes for overseas investors -- despite a...
May 31, 2015

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Good design is a human right, says Chicago Athenaeum president

Commemorating the 65-year Anniversary of the founding of Good Design in Chicago in 1950, Christian Narkiewicz-Laine, Museum president of The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and advocate for peace and social justice,...
May 19, 2015

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Scientists urge G20 to rethink $80 trillion infrastructure plan to avoid 'doubling down on a dangerous vision'

A proposal by Bent Flyvbjerg, BT Professor and Chair of Major Programme Management at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, that could, if implemented, halt the 90 per cent failure rate of industrial infrastructure projects, is at...
Apr 22, 2015

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Frequently Asked Questions on PEO Regulation Amendments of April 2, 2015

1. The amendments to Regulation 941 were filed on April 2, 2015. When are they effective?
Apr 13, 2015

WEB EXCLUSIVE: How long will condos last?

Every time I am approached by condo buyers and owners alike, the most asked question is on the future of condominiums. Practically speaking, condos will exist as a real-estate ownership option for as long as there are buyers willing to buy them...
Apr 9, 2015

SNAPSHOT: energy use in the Canadian retail food and beverage sector

It’s no secret that there is fierce competition in Canada’s food and beverage retail sector. Increasingly, energy efficiency is recognized as a solid approach to increase profits and improve a store’s bottom line....
Apr 6, 2015

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Market Outlook 2015

No shocks and few surprises. So reads the first sentence of the Canadian section of the 2015 Emerging Trends in Real Estate report. So much for publishing in October and being the first out of the gate.  
Mar 2, 2015

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Hammer out a refund on your tax return: trades edition

As a skilled tradesperson, improving your craft is no easy feat. Every day, you try hard to be the best and prove your ability. You’re hands-on, dependable, and take pride in your workmanship. You have the qualifications and you have the...
Feb 27, 2015

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Using (Or Abusing?) The Use Clause

At the heart of any successful shopping centre is a deliberate merchandising plan that maintains the right quality and variety of tenancies.  One of the ways landlords control this balance is by way of lease provisions that prescribe each...
Feb 25, 2015

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