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Building - February/March 2015


The Bright Side of the Road
Giant lampshades create ingenious urban lighting in Québec City

Where does $8 billion go?
John Tory's SmartTrack transit plan was a major plank in his Toronto mayoral bid. But do the numbers add up? A quantity surveyor does the math.

Back To A Green Future
There's a new kind of infrastructure in town, designed to return us to our roots

Q&A: Craig Beattie, founding partner, Perimeter Development Corp.

Nerds Will Lead Us
North America's technology sector continues to grow and innovate, and much of that is happening in the Waterloo Region. Although Ontario's Innovation Corridor is ripe for serious growth, will public and private developers get it right?

Q&A: David Wolfe, Professor of Political Science, Coordinator, Innovation Policy Lab, Monk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto

Q&A: Iain Klugman, CEO, Communitech

Q&A: Mike Murray, Chief Administrative Officer, Waterloo Region

Q&A: Mike Woollatt, CEO, Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA)

SIDEBAR: Region of Waterloo market conditions



Procedural Fairness Counts
Steam-rolling local residents' groups are akin to playing with fire, and every now and then, somebody gets burned.

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Walk With Joy
ULI Toronto's Executive Director explores Toronto's PATH network, and the incredible public utility the private realm can provide when land is used responsibly.

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