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Building - February/March 2014


Mass Appeal
Canadian regulators are moving to legalize equity-based crowdfunding, which means it could move out of the basements of indie filmmakers and rock bands and onto the desks of developers.

SIDEBAR: Veni, vidi, FiDi

From Collection to Connection
Far from anachronisms, public libraries need to be the civic backbone of the Information Age. New examples across Canada are fulfilling this purpose, by making connections between people and information and between people and people.

A Beacon Rises
How the CMHR was built using virtual design and construction and other supportive technologies.

Time Really is Money
Delays in site plan application approvals could be costing Ontarians $650 million per year.



Crowdfunding for Real Estate Development: Is it Even Legal?
Securities laws have yet to catch up to the crowdfunding craze, as evidenced by the fact that crowdfunding for securities without a prospectus is still technically illegal.

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A Family Affair
Speaking at ULI Toronto's 6th Annual Fireside Chat, the Menkes brothers shared stories and lessons learned over the course of 37 years.

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